Audrey Hepburn is arguably one of the most glamorous women this world has ever seen.She could definitely teach some of today’s celebrities what it meanst to have class.She was the epitome of effortless, timeless elegance and inner beauty.She represents the essence that I am trying to capture in my blog.RIP Audrey, and thank you for being such an inspiration to me and so many others.

Welcome to The Brilliant Budget Babe, a blog especially created for all the budget-conscious beauties in South Africa and abroad.There are so many choices available to us these days.When money’s tight and you barely have time to browse the shops or online, how do you make the right choice? And if it’s affordable, will it work as well as the more expensive ones? As a budget-conscious babe myself, I’m always on the lookout for the best , most cost-effective beauty productsm and all the latest about the best budget health food and fashion.I will compare all the best products that I find, will test them myself and give you all the information that you need to know,including ingredients, prices, stockists and so forth.I am also a factory shop fan and will reveal my favourite bargain hotspots. I will bring you all my tips for great, budget-friendly gift and decor ideas, and share all my secret beauty recipes.Inspiration is free, and you can look forward to brilliant, bold street fashion shoots. Lastly,true beauty comes from within. You’ll find stories about amazing women who are doing wonderful things and who have triumphed over unimaginable adversity.I will also create a special Zen Zone section just for you,that focuses on enhancing your inner beauty. I will share the pearls of wisdom that I have learnt over the course of my life’s journey, and the lessons that I have learnt from the Great Masters as well as from the ordinary people that I meet every day, who have extraordinary spirits and stories.I look forward to sharing my budget-busting and beauty journey with you!

Yours beautifully,

Andrea Altgayer



About me

Hi, my name is Andrea Altgayer. I am a Mexican living in Johannesburg, South Africa,and I work as a camera operator at CNBC Africa. The views that I express on this blog are my own.

I came up with the idea for this page when I noticed that there are very few pages that are exclusively dedicated to budget beauty, fashion and decor. Who has the time to browse the stores or online these days for the perfect anti-ageing cream to makeup to quality , stylish second-hand clothing and furniture?Who has the time to go through hundreds of interior design magazines and websites to find the perfect decor scheme and accessories?Everything is so expensive these days, and prices keep going up all the time.What do you do if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you the time to explore Johannesburg’s back streets to find an undiscovered factory shop with below-cost prices? I am a bargain hunter of note, and I will tell you where all my favourite hidden gems are.

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I started drawing and painting as a very young girl.I graduated from the National School of the Arts in Braamfontein, where I studied photography as one of my subjects.I learnt the art of black and white photography, using an old Pentax camera, and learnt how to develop film the good old-fashioned way with developer, fixer and stopper. My photos are strongly influenced by a number of photographers and artists, from Man Ray to the Impressionists.

I have worked in film and TV since 2004.My art background has influenced my film and TV camerawork to a great extent, and has been instrumental in helping me craft my own visual style.I am an avid film fan with a strong affinity for foreign films.They provide a wonderful peak into other cultures,something that is sorely missing from mainstream Hollywood films.One of these days, I might surprise you and upload a short film or some of my original photos and artworks.I hope that you will enjoy them and send me feedback

I am also an ardent reader and love writing.I write anything from articles to short film scripts, short stories and poetry.I also love dancing and am a fitness freak who loves sharing health and fitness tips.I am passionate about music, especially Jazz, Afro-Cuban and African jazz, and world music. I have a flair for fashion, and my signature style is simple,classic black or monochrome with a touch of boldness and exotic detail.I also enjoy playing with makeup,and I have a penchant for dark red lipstick and black liquid liner.However, I believe that makeup is best reserved for special occasions, and that it is no substitute for good skincare, lots of water,a healthy diet and excercise regime, or lots of condifence and self-love.

I’m inspired by people and am fascinated by their cultures and stories.I am also a very spiritual person who loves to share the lessons that I’ve learnt through, experience, observation, meditation and contemplation

I hope that you enjoy my blog and I look forward to receiving your feedback!

Yours beautifully,


NB:Please always test all beauty products on a small part of your skin before purchasing.Always read the ingredients list on the package to check for any ingredients or chemicals that you may be allergic to.Please also read the ingredients list on all food packages for the very same reason. I will not be held responsible for allergic reactions to any of the products that I mention on this blog.I also strongly advise you to read the labels on any clothing and furniture items.I am not responsible for allergic reactions to the fabric.Also, make sure that you read the washing and care instructions carefully and that you understand them.I will not be held responsible for damage caused by negligence or failure to read the  care instructions.


I am new to this blogging game, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback, suggestions or ideas.Please feel free to write to me anytime.I look forward to hearing from you!